How to Cheat Online Casino Machines

So, the age-old question comes around, “How do you cheat online casino slot machines?” well, there is a method an approach which is totally legal that the casino wouldn’t know, and it is really easy to do. This is all based on the knowledge of how online slots are built alongside how casinos function.

How Casinos Are Programmed

Casinos are all built with what is called a management tool, all the top sites and bad sites have this system, so it is unavoidable. The tool is designed to store data about the player, it records what games you have played historically, what you averagely spend per game and per spin, what you have won, what you have lost, how long you averagely play and so on. Every little thing you do is logged by this management tool.

This is how casinos are able to tailor bonuses and advertising from third parties to suit what you enjoy playing most. The systems found inside the casinos, of which the ten best South African casinos can be found here that work alongside the programming of the game and slot machines within. No surprise, as the management tool is created by the software developers that make the games.

How Slot Machines Are Programmed

There are two different programs that go into the building process of an online slot machine.

These are the Return to Player function and the Random Number Generator. But these two do not define how you will win. What is key to the programming is the algorithms. These codings are what works in conjunction with the management tool, fuelling the data that is basically a player profile and depending how much you send on the game and lose determines when you will win next.

If you are thinking this is a bit far-fetched, then you can test it yourself! Click here to sign to a casino and play any game. lookout for the default amount, usually, a game begins with either a 1.00 or 2.00 wager, take a few spins and change this to the lowest amount on your last spin.

Say, for example, you don’t play the game for three weeks. Return to the game and that wager setting will still be on the lowest amount. Why does it not default, because the algorithms don’t want to change how you play and ultimately when you win!

The Cheat

So how is this cycle broken? How can you cheat the online casino and beat them at there own game literally? The fact is that data is your enemy! Heard of beginner’s luck? Well, luck is not what is helping these players win, it’s the lack of data and zero profile of the player.

Here are the steps to take the moment you register.

  1. When you play online slot machines, only play newly released games. The more popular a game is, the more money is being put into it by players and thusly, it pays more frequently.

  2. Once you land a BIG WIN, spin once more at a lower wager setting and exit the game.

  3. Move onto the next game and continue the process.

  4. Stop playing if you notice your profits drop by 20%, that’s time to pack up, cash out and leave.

  5. Log out, delete the browser history, clear your cookies and your app cache.

  6. Uninstall the app and do not return to the site for 4 weeks.

  7. Reinstall app, log in and head to the same games you previously played.

  8. Check the wager default, it will be back to normal.

  9. Play and repeat the whole process again.

Players following this advice has led them to win large amounts in very little time, jumping from game to game at the right time and clearing their data after. Four weeks is a long time to wait but it works!